We define our values and code of ethics by featuring a multi-dimensional statement of transparency and reporting consistency. With respect for our small creative team, and micro factories supporting product production, we embody integrity and fair working conditions. DaCosta Verde is committed to respecting and protecting the planet, by minimizing environmental impact. We combine preferred materials, social justice, and social-environmental projects to create a better tomorrow.


  1. Production

We work with local, family-run factories in Sao Paulo, Brazil to produce both ready-to-wear and bags. The factories are considered micro-factories, which in Brazil is called atelier (small factories that produce in small batches/artisanal style). As we work to support small factories, we are capable of quality control, and working environmental conditions, ensuring the well-being and ethical working standards for all the employees. We work to create opportunities for women through employment and training programs with the goal to build a fair and inclusive workplace where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We believe that empowered women help to build strong families and communities, which in turn leads to a more prosperous society.

The creative team is made up of the founder and her parents, with the mother being the sample designer. We also have a team of Brazilian print designers and illustrators, who create our exclusive prints for collections and collaborations. The prints are done digitally to minimize environmental impact, always supporting local suppliers who offer high-quality materials and services. 


  1. Fabrics

We use only preferred materials such as GRS-certified post-consumer recycled polyester, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Ecovero Viscose by Lenzing, and biomaterials, including cactus, apple, and rubber leather. Fabrics are sourced globally, with a preference for local Brazilian suppliers that meet social-environmental responsibility standards.


  1. Giving Back Partners

S.O.S Amazonia

In collaboration with S.O.S Amazonia, we have accomplished donating over 764 trees in the Amazon Rainforest between 2020-2021. As one of the most tenured nonprofits located in the state of Acre, Brazil, the core pillars of S.O.S Amazonia contributes to environmental sustainability social impact. As trees are planted for harvest, each tree S.O.S Amazonia offers transparency of their operations through a unique sustainability statement.


  1. Packaging

All our shipment packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable, encouraging consumers to take action and consider small-scale efforts to reduce waste in landfills.

  • Hang tags that come attached to each garment or bag are fully plantable and will later sprout from daisy seeds on the label. They are hung by hemp cords.
  • Products come inside a fully recycled non-woven reusable bag. We are committed to minimize packaging waste that is included in each and every shipment.  Unless the product is specifically requested as a gift, we minimize our packaging that is included in each and every shipment.
  • Products are shipped in a 100% compostable package. Made of PBAT and modified corn starch in accordance with the standards of ASTM 6400, EN13432, BPI and OK COMPOST HOME. This material represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics, is non-toxic and BPA free. Uses vegetable oil as the base for inks. Compared to traditional ink, it does not include any plastic or PVC, which makes it more eco-friendly. 


We are also working on future commitments. Learn more about them here