About us

Olá/Hello! that’s us! Nice to meet you.

Our name means “from the green coast”. Does that mean you speak Portuguese now? Well, yeah, why not?

Brand Statement

We believe in friendlier ways to treat our homes, that is, our bodies and our planet. These homes accompany us all our lives and cannot be replaced. That’s why we place top priority on the environment and our well-being when designing our products, in addition to bringing practicality to everyday life. We want to simplify the first steps towards new fresh habits and make you enjoy them. We feel that small good habits repeated every day that will make a difference. After all, consistency is much more important than perfection, right?

Nós/About us

Every idea starts with a problem that needs a solution. Ours was simple: lunch bags are outdated, not well made, they ended up generating more plastic waste and they can be harmful to people's health since its interior is usually made of PVC, PEVA, or aluminum which is not recyclable, nor biodegradable nor 100% food-safe. It's safe for shower curtains but not so safe for a place that can have direct contact with food. So, because we have the secret formula for a 100% food-safe and antibacterial insulated lining - thanks to our parents who work so hard in this industry to provide high-quality insulated products that are approved by the food industry in Brazil -  we decided to design our favorite everyday staple, lunch bags with health, people, and planet in mind and make it available to everybody.

Sustainability at DaCosta Verde

How it's made
With the aim to provide a healthy, fair, and safe environment for the people who collaborate with us, our lunch bags are manufactured in small batches by an amazing small team of Brazilian women who make them with so much love and for whom we are so grateful for. (Pictures coming soon) We also work with Brazilian designers and illustrators - who illustrated by hand our prints for the collections and they are all women. Our prints are digitally printed to minimize the environmental impact, and we love supporting the local suppliers that provide high-quality materials and services to us.



Our insulated lining interior has been perfected for about 20 years by the hands of our parents which is 100% antibacterial, food-safe, recyclable, leak-proof, odor-free, rip-resistant, and easy to clean. Safe for your health, NO PVC, PEVA, BPA, LEAD, Phthalate & growth bacteria aluminum.


Mother Nature

We honor mother nature and the Amazon is our ultimate muse - you can tell by our first collection inspired by the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest. We are committed to restoring the Amazon Rainforest by planting trees and providing for the local communities and preserving the biggest biodiversity in the world.

We felt that we needed to minimize our impact on the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and restore nature. For these reasons our one-for-one project was born: 1 bag purchased = 1 tree planted = 48lbs of CO2 sequestered. Now you are part of our collective nature restoring project.

Do you know that planting trees are the most efficient way to tackle climate change?