Now, we are part of your journey. Your order has been delivered!  To keep saving the planet and giving off sunny vibes, we got your bag instructions right here, as an online card that will not end up in a trash can. You can access at anytime and anywhere either on-the-go or at home.


How to use my Eco lunch bag

Keeping the Goodies Fresh

  • Fill all the empty space inside the bag to prevent loss of temperature
  • If you would like to keep your goodies fresh for the entire day, add an ice pack in the antibacterial pocket.

Why add the ice pack in the top pocket and not on the bottom or side of the bag? Cold air sinks. Ice packs on the bottom or side of your lunch bag will do a great job of keeping the sides and bottom of your lunch bag cold, but it won’t do much for the food you’re trying to chill.  

  • All DaCosta Verde bags are leak proof, antibacterial, food-safe, odor-free, rip resistant.

Easy to Clean

  • Pull the lining out and wash only with water and a neutral detergent. Let it air dry or use a cloth. Our special recyclable lining is completely odor and stain free. No machine washable. Exterior spot clean only.