Olá/Hello! that’s us!

Nice to meet you! Our name means “from the green coast”

We are a Brazilian brand that embodies the sunny and loving Brazilian Joie de Vivre through our designs while inspiring positive change.

Our mission is to promote sustainable fashion through material innovation, economic justice, and social-environmental projects, while also celebrating the joy of life.

We are a woman-founded and led, and family-operated business that believes in designing a better future by taking care of our three homes – body, mind, planet – and our bags are made with that goal in mind. With a commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical manufacturing, we are focused on promoting well-being for individuals and entire communities. From fabrics to production, the purpose behind our innovatively designed bags is for them to be used for a longer period of time and to have the potential for repurposing or recycling, promoting a circular economy.


Giving to the World

For You

We design products that are fun to use, that make you feel good, and that put a smile on your face. We are committed to making a positive impact in the world, and we hope that our products can bring some happiness into your life. We’ve put just as much thought into making our designs enjoyable as we have into making them functional. 


For The Planet

We aim to eradicate environmental disruption across value chains by utilizing the resources we have direct access to (suppliers, fabrics, packaging). Simply, we are starting small with the tools we have and plan to scale as sustainably and ethically as possible.

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Join us as we celebrate life, love, and sustainability!


DaCosta Verde Team