Are you starting to get into the world of eco-friendly products?

Wherever you go, it looks like more and more sustainable items are popping up! From metal straws in restaurants to responsibly sourced, plastic-free toilet paper in stores, there seems to be more conscious product production than ever before.

But, what's all the hype about? Well, there are actually a number of reasons why things like an eco lunch box, reusable bamboo bottles, and shampoo bars are becoming so popular.

Find out everything you need to know in our guide and start to understand why buying sustainably is so important!

What Exactly Are Eco-Friendly Products?

Eco-friendly products are those made to have as little impact on the planet as possible, helping to protect the Earth for years to come. Some telltale signs of a more sustainable product include:

  • Making it plastic-free
  • Using less or zero chemicals (like for our women's lunch totes)
  • Using recycled materials
  • Making usually unrecyclable products recyclable
  • Sourcing materials sustainably 
  • Using locally sourced materials
  • Reducing transportation during the manufacturing of the product
  • Creating vegan products

Those are just a few ways that companies are making their products more sustainable; there are plenty more out there! They may also promote eco-friendly lifestyle choices, like taking a packed lunch rather than buying out or buying fewer products altogether. 

Now you know more about what eco-friendly products actually are, let's dive into why it's so important you choose them over their non-sustainable alternatives.

Save Our Planets Resources

Whether you're buying a t-shirt, a stylish lunch bag, or bedsheets, everything new has an impact on our planet. Unfortunately, our planet's resources aren't infinite and the rate at which we're producing goods isn't sustainable. This is where sustainable goods come in!

A lot of eco-friendly products are designed to use as little resources as possible and what they do use is responsibly sourced. For example, if you're buying a notebook a sustainable brand may use recycled paper or paper sourced from well-managed forests. This kind of production puts much less strain on our planet and helps minimize the negative effects of your consumption.  

Encourage Other Brands to Follow

We'd all love to see a world where every product is made sustainably, and by shopping sustainably you can help make that happen! The fact is that brands follow consumer demand. If they see a shift in popularity towards eco-friendly products, they're going to follow the money and start making their products eco-friendly, too!

The more people advocating for sustainability, the more that brands that aren't sustainable will fall behind. When you buy sustainably, you're helping force companies without eco-friendly practices to make a change, showing that the power really is in your hands.

Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

There are tons of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle, and buying eco-friendly products is one of them! For example, a sustainable deodorant may be naturally made and come in a cardboard tube. Instantly, you're reducing your plastic consumption and preventing nasty chemicals from getting into our water when you shower.

The moment you start making switches, you'll be living more sustainably. Trust us, that change feels great!

Use Healthier Products

A lot of eco-friendly products are actually healthier to use than their alternatives. This is mainly because they use less harmful chemicals that could cause you harm.

For example, our designer lunch bags for women replace the PVC, aluminum, and PEVA in traditional lunch bag interiors with a food-safe, non-toxic alternative. Can you believe the insulated lunch bags you'd use to pack your food in might contain toxic chemicals? It's just one of many products you might not expect to be harmful until you find their eco-friendly alternative!

Clothing is another great example of this. The chemicals and dyes used in fast fashion are incredibly harmful to both the planet and you, and you're walking around all day every day wearing them right next to your skin! Sustainable brands ditch these methods for safer options, often using organic natural fabrics instead to keep everyone healthy.

More Durable Products

A lot of the times, sustainably made products are more durable and long-lasting. While you may pay more upfront for these quality materials, in the long run, they could save you money! Unsustainable products aren't often made with quality in mind but are instead built cheaply to give brands the highest product, which is bad for the planet and bad for your bank. 

Become an Eco-Friendly Role Model

A movement always needs people to lead the way and that could be you. By buying more sustainably and learning about the products you use, you can inspire your friends and family to follow you. Lots of sustainable products look and feel nicer and work better, so it won't be hard to convert others to switch from damaging products to eco-friendly alternatives!

Sometimes, simply seeing the products in your home is enough to make people think about switching their own. Or, taking our cute lunch bags to work could start a conversation about the unsafe, non-recyclable materials in regular lunch bags, spreading knowledge and helping others to make decisions that are better for the planet.

You might not even know it's happening, but by buying sustainably you're starting a domino effect. Where you lead, others are sure to follow!

What Next?

Now that you know just some of the reasons why you should be eco-friendly products, it's time to start living by these values! The next time you buy something, consider its impact on the planet and shop around to see if there are any better alternatives.

If you're interested in our eco-friendly, cool lunch bags then be sure to take a look at the full range! If you have any questions about our products, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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