Our Eco lunch bags

are the way all relationships should be: NON-TOXIC

Sobre Nós

We believe in friendlier ways to treat our homes, that is, our bodies and our planet. These homes accompany us all our lives and cannot be replaced. That’s why we place top priority on the environment and our well-being when designing our products, in addition to bringing practicality to everyday life. We want to simplify the first steps towards new fresh habits and make you enjoy them.


Inspired by the second-biggest tree in the Amazon Rainforest


Inspired by the second-longest river in the world, which is located in the Amazon Rainforest


Inspired by the cutest animal in the Amazon Rainforest, the sloth, which is also endangered

Why choose us?


Carry a lunch bag for a cause.

1 product purchased = 1 tree planted in the Amazon

Reforestation can remove 25% of carbon dioxide from the air. Planting trees has proven to be the best solution for global warming, making our planet more sustainable.

ethical manufacturing

Our lunch bags are made in a small atelier (studio) in the state of São Paulo, in an ethical manufacturing process.

Supporting and empowering the people who makes, especially women, local population and small suppliers.

safe for your health

Do you know that most of lunch bags are made with plastic chemicals (PVC, PEVA, BPA, phthalate and aluminum) that can be harmful to your health?

For this reason, our parents developed a special certified lining that is made especially to be in contact with food, making them 100% recyclable, non-toxic, leak-proof and antibacterial.