Looking to treat your significant other (or yourself) this Valentine’s Day, but want to reduce the impact your gift has on the environment? Avoid the commercial gifts you’ll find in the supermarket, often packaged in plastic and with a high carbon footprint!
Instead, venture into the land of sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas – here are four of our absolute favorites.

1.    Natural beauty and cosmetics

One of the best ways to treat your loved one is by gifting them some luxurious natural beauty products, such as artisanal soaps or bath bombs. Look for small natural cosmetics brands in your local area or online and choose their favorite scent, for a gift that’s both personalized and sustainable.
If they already have a favorite brand, why not surprise them with a gift set of their favorite products or a set of ones they have not tried before?

2.    Sustainable & functional accessories

Make their life more sustainable, stylish, and functional. Accessories such as the DaCosta Verde lunch bags will make their life easier without compromising aesthetics or environmental impact.

For the lady, gentleman or non-binary person on the go, other options include reusable travel coffee cups or stainless-steel water bottles.


3.    Potted plants

Instead of giving your loved one a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day, why not gift them a potted plant instead? This option is one of our favorite sustainable gift ideas because it will keep them happy for a long time – not just a few days before the flowers wilt.

If they’re already experienced in tending house plants, you can choose ones that are a little more difficult to maintain – a fiddle leaf fig, an orchid, an elephant’s ear or a Boston fern. If, on the other hand, they haven’t got as much practice, a peace lily, a snake plant, a ZZ plant or some succulents may be your best bet.

4.    Fairtrade chocolate

If you and your loved one can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolates, there’s no reason to skip them – you just need to know which ones to choose. Skip the plastic-packaged milk chocolates in from the supermarket – opt for Fairtrade certified bars, ideally packaged in paper and aluminum rather than plastic.

You could also get some Fairtrade cocoa and vegan marshmallows, to prepare delicious yet eco-friendly hot chocolate!

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